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Here Are 5 Mistakes to Avoid In Multi-Channel Retailing

In this era, customers shop from different sales channels. They visit both online and offline stores to search for products that will align with their expectations. In this essence, you need to start multi-channel retailing to allow a massive number of customers to reach your products. The process of listing your products to different sales channels can lead to frustrations due to some mistakes that might occur. As you know, learning errors from other entrepreneurs is crucial than waiting for them to bring losses to your business. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid in the multi-channel retailing:

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Ignoring the offline store

This mistake is common to most of the entrepreneurs. They do not make use of their offline store. They forget that for you to succeed in multi-channel retailing, you need to have both an online and offline presence. Not all customers love to shop online. Some prefer the physical store where they will get an opportunity to touch, feel, and see the products. Hence, if you ignore the physical store, you will deny many customers a chance to purchase your products. In this essence, you need to create an offline presence to allow local customers to access your products, if you have this on mind you will succeed in your multi channel ecommerce strategy.

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Listing your products on the wrong sales channel

Multi-channel retailing does not involve listing your products on many sales channels. You can select many channels which will not work well for you. In this essence, you need to choose one that will fit your products. With this, customers will view you as trustworthy as you know what you are doing.

Also, you can select a sales channel that has few features and hinder the functionality of your business. There are essential features that you need to consider in a sales channel. One with the SEO feature is critical as it will enhance ranking on search engines. Also, one with huge traffic will enable you to sell your products quickly.

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Ignoring the supply chain

This mistake can lead to losses in your business. Every customer prefers shopping from a store that will deliver the right items on time. In this essence, you need to optimize your supply chain to ensure that customers get fast and accurate items. With this, you will enhance their experience and can become repeat customers which can lead to an increase in sales.

Also, offering free shipping will make a massive number of customers select you over your competitors. As you know, everyone loves to save money. Hence, if you offer free shipping, you attract more customers.

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Setting higher prices on your products

 Price is a crucial element in multi-channel retailing. Most of the customers will purchase your products basing their decision on price. In this case, you need to set a price that will align with customers’ expectations. If you set very high prices, customers will run away from your products. To avoid this, you can research and know their likes and dislikes. With this, you will understand the factors that will drive them to make a purchasing decision.

Also, you can price the products by comparing different competitors. You can look at how they set their prices and come up with a unique one.

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Using the same product information across all channels

Most retailers copy the same product information across all their sales channels. With this, you can confuse customers and cannot purchase the products. Each sales channel has its requirements and audience. Hence, using the same product information can create a bad experience. To avoid this, you can use a Product Information Management application to allow you to make listings using different data to specific channels.


If you implement these mistakes in your multi-channel retailing, you will run a successful business. Also, you will reach a massive number of customers and enhance customers’ experience by delivering their products on time.